Vas-y direct!

At the end of 2017, Geneva Airport, one of the biggest in Switzerland, chose Creatives to create new 360° communication campaigns. That is how we startedworking for several months on a first campaign to promote direct flights.


Our mission was to develop and carry out a multi-channel campaign intended for a wide audience in order to promote direct flights to North America (Washington, Montreal and New York) in an informative and attractive way.

We first worked on the short and impacting key message of the ‘Vas-y direct’ (fly there directly) campaign before creating visuals focused on the emotional aspect related to the destinations. Thus, instead of focusing on rather traditional images of iconic places and landscapes, the campaign focuses on the human relationships and on what you can experience in each city.


Multichannels campaign



Thanks to its coherent key message, its 360° format and its strategic roll out in crowded public locations, the campaign reached a wide and diversified audience, increasing awareness of direct flights to North America. The different actions on the web also reached a large target group generating 18,500 visits on the campaign’s landing page.


We used the key visuals on several print (bus wrapping, elevators branding, display and advertisements in magazines) and digital (web banners, DOOH and a landing page) media. Developed in French and German, the campaign was rolled out for 4 weeks between August and September 2018. In parallel, our creative team also produced a promotional video as part of the FIBA sponsorship.

“Our first collaboration with Creatives was a great success! The team figured out quickly who we are and how we work and managed to adapt to our sometimes particular way of functioning. Together, we developed a first 360° campaign that went well beyond our expectations and those of our partners. In view of this first successful campaign, we look forward to continuing to work with the agency on other projects.”
Jean-René Longchamp, Head of Marketing & Promotion | Aéroport International de Genève

Thanks for Washington ! (Or Montreal and New York)