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Renouer avec le lien social

At the end of 2018, Creatives won a pitch for Caritas Vaud. The goal was to imagine a new, more modern and impactful identity so that the brand could tell a story in line with its values and missions.


We then faced two challenges. First, the goal was to differentiate Caritas Vaud from Caritas Switzerland in the eyes of the public, without losing the existing relatedness between the two entities. Second, we had to deliver a global visual solution to communicate the brand’s different values and missions. After having attended some very inclusive workshops, we were able to identify a strategic response to these two issues. In one word: proximity. Proximity is a fundamental value at the heart of everyday life for Caritas Vaud’s teams and reflects on two levels. With the brand signature ‘Agir ici’ (Act here), we put an emphasis on the local scale, reflecting the commitment of Caritas in the canton Vaud. We then used a differentiating visual element to show the relational aspect, the red thread, representing the closeness of social ties, in all their strength and fragility.


Brand ID Development



Rolled out as and when requested for material production, the new identity has already been unanimously adopted by the various Caritas Vaud stakeholders. In addition, the communication media used to raise funds also had a positive impact.


Visible on all communication materials (stationery, events, fundraising and social networks) the red thread and brand signature define and project Caritas Vaud image. To present the various services of Caritas Vaud, the red thread comes in an original iconography, promoting accessibility for the association’s diverse audiences. Finally, to grant our client maximum autonomy, we created a series of templates he can thereafter easily modify.


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