A wooden structure in the shape of a diamond, placed on the bowls of Plainpalais’ skatepark in order to host almost twenty performances; “La Compagnie Urbaine’s” ambitious show will take place from September 20 to October 11, 2017 in Plainpalais, Geneva.

In partnership with “La Compagnie Urbaine”, we also shot a stunning clip last spring. The goal is to celebrate a double arrival in Geneva: ZUP performers and the new easyJet airbus A320! Indeed, to properly lauch this new plane, easyJet teamed up with “La Compagnie Urbaine”. The result: an unusual and intense video clip where urban culture meets gleaming cabins. So turn the volume up and open your eyes :

The videoclip was widely broadcasted on social media in June, but that was not the end of this amazing partnership! The tickets for ZUP that were sold at Fnac were redesigned to look like an easyJet plane ticket. Plus, the hostesses that scanned the tickets at the event were dressed as easyJet flight attendants. And while the urban culture fans were waiting for the show to start, they could watch the easyJet mapping, specially designed for the occasion, from their seats in the bleachers.

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