The Advertising industry is one of the most polluting on the planet

Massive untargeted media buying, unnecessary printings or goodies, digital media waste… Weither digital or analogic, advertising isn’t synonym of positive impact on environment. Let’s say it frankly, advertising as practiced today is a polluting business.

When everybody is waiting someone else putting their balls on the table, we decided it was hard time to act. Then we realised that there was no brands on the market who proposed stylish campaigns and take sustainability seriously according to our criterium.

We decided to change this.

We created the new Creatives to strive against advertising waste

Clutter the media space with your message? Yessir! Get 50’000 views on a video? Sure we can. Your twelve-year-old nephew too, with a CHF 500.- media budget. What will be those views worth, regarding your initial objectives? Question still open. Anyway we know what they’re worth regarding your advertising-versus-impact-on-environment balance.

We’re more and more to consider as precious the resources we’re living with: water, electricity, fuel, food… Our way to consume are evolving. What about our media consumption?

We decided to make this effort. Not radically: we’re still OK with a society based on entrepreneurship mixed with a better consumption.

We know what we’re talking about as we’ve been sometimes involved in useless campaigns and empty strategies. Today it’s over.

We are getting rid of this. Our planet too.

That’s why we are developing strong tools to optimize your communication plan with as objective to reduce your advertising waste.

We’re still buying media but not for nuts. Not by “watering” a piece of consumers land without first planting seeds, and then desperately hoping that nothing will grow…

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