Thomy Grill Promo

As part of its collaboration with the Nestlé Group, Creatives has been working for several years with the Swiss brand Thomy. Founded in 1930, the famous sauces brand is so successful that it is now said that, every second, a Thomy product is sold in Switzerland!


Every summer, Thomy opens the BBQ season with its ‘Grill Promo’ campaign, allowing it to present its wide range of sauces. This fun and casual campaign aims to seduce the consumer especially through attractive contests.


Digital contest





‘La Grande Bataille des Cantons’ (The Great Battle of Swiss Cantons) is a new concept that has been created in summer 2017 for this specific campaign. It relies on small rivalries between cantons and aims to awaken the special attachment of consumers to their region.


For each canton, Thomy proposed a recipe using the brand products. The goal was to get people to vote for their favourite recipe and elect the best recipe of the summer.


The campaign was a huge success with more than 90’000 votes recorded for the 26 recipes. In addition, many participants got rewards too. Indeed, the brand gave away 9’000 sauces (a free sauce for every 10th participant) and 50 grills for the luckiest ones (prize draw among all participants).


Creatives’ mission was to realise and promote the campaign by delivering the following elements : the design of the game platform and recipes, a newsletter, several Facebook posts to increase the commitment of Internet users, as well as promotional material for the points of sales: sauces display stands, totems, stalls and brochures detailing the various recipes.


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