Happy anniversaire!

Creatives has been supporting Conforama Suisse in deploying its Social Media strategy for several years now.
And in 2017, the famous furniture company gave the agencya new type of mandate: TV ads.


Every year, Conforama celebrates its anniversary with exciting offers and to promote this major commercial event. The company wanted to broadcast several TV spots in Switzerland and neighboring France. Creatives’ fresh and innovative ideas hits the target and the agency won a pitch to design, create and produce three different TV ads on the ‘Happy Anniversaire’ topic in French, German and Italian.


TV Ads




With these TV spots, we also wanted to contribute to the evolution of the brand image. Indeed, Conforama does more than offering cheap products. Today conforama is a brand that is close to its customers and that has many design and trendy items to sell as well. For example, Natuzzi, Dyson, Philips and Nespresso are all major brands that are part of the wide range of products sold by Conforama.


From script writing to video editing and actor’s recruitment, the agency created and developed the TV spots from start to finish. Those have been used to promote the ‘Happy Anniversaire’ commercial event. But more, Conforama has also used them for subtle and dynamic product placements thanks to the universe and emotions conceived by the agency.


The TV ads were broadcast 842 times for three weeks on 28 different channels and reached more than 3 million people a day.

Happy viewingday !

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