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Creatives is proud to count easyJet among their most loyal clients. Over the past two years, Creatives has worked for them on an annual basis to take care of multiple, varied campaigns. One of these, “Hello Summer”, was designed for the opening of the summer flight season, a key commercial period for the brand, which takes place at the end of September.


The “Hello Summer” concept was designed to bring summer beach party vibes to city centres in the middle of autumn. With 2018 summer flights just starting to go on sale, it was the perfect excuse to celebrate the beginning of summer! Participants were invited to join easyJet in celebrating summer at train stations in Basel, Geneva, Bern and Lausanne. The event was publicized on social media in addition to being on the cover of local editions of the free daily newspaper “20 Minutes”.


Summer activation





The core of the concept was a simple idea: participants could try to win free flights for their next summer vacation. The catch? They had to be dressed as if they were at the beach, creating an exceptionally unique experience for both participants and the many passersbys bundled tightly in their winter coats!


The concept may have been original and funny, but did the public take the bait? Inviting people to have a scantily clad party in the middle of a train station in the month of October is a real challenge. Yet when all was said and done, people stepped up to the plate and took their chances.


The activation successfully promoted the launch of the 2018 summer ticket season and allowed the brand’s fun side to shine, conquering new audiences in both Lausanne and Bern, cities outside of easyJet’s traditional turf (Geneva and Basel). The contest brought more than 600 people together, and the live-streamed Facebook videos have since accumulated over 18’000 views and reached 50’000 people, generating hundreds of engagements.


In addition to possibly winning airplane tickets, each participant received a goody bag designed to recreate a beach vacation, complete with a mini coconut tree, a beach ball, floaties, swim goggles and a straw hat. To top it off, winners had their names pulled from a giant cocktail glass that appeared to be bubbling over, and our dedicated hosts ensured the ambiance resembled only the best seaside resorts!

“Creatives successfully took our social media presence to the next level. Their expertise in the field and their limitless creativity enabled us to use our social channels to not only reinforce our 360 campaign, but also to grow our online community through personalized content, top notch execution and very professional community management. It is a true pleasure to work with them!”
Silvia Herrero, Marketing Manager Northern Europe | easyJet

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