{Where are the women? } đŸŽ€ — All over the digital! If you’ve missed this wave of femininity on the internet it’s really because you’ve been hibernating or living on top of the Matterhorn. But the big question we agencies are asking ourselves is: what are the new things that this empowerment movement is bringing? Here’s an overview of a few digital creations!

TAPAGE – The 100% digital magazine for women who talk about everything.

Their goal: to give a voice to the women of yesterday and today, but not only. The mag’s little thinkers are busy unearthing all the latest trends in fashion, beauty and culture to enhance the femininity of the modern Venus. By what means? By having developed a chatbot Facebook that sends its readers one article a day. A direct way to reach their audience and to communicate their engaged message.

WAIA – The media for women with colourful minds and skin.

Through photos, videos and tutorials, the digital platform pays homage to black women and traces their style. Waia has also created a newsletter called Femme Like You, which condenses all their original and inspiring content directly into your mailbox.

DIETLAND – The series that revolutionizes the weight of women.

Some critics call it a revolution in the way obese people are portrayed on TV, but it is the script itself that is revolutionary. A revisit of The Devil wears Prada where the main heroine is a complex obese woman who writes a column in a women’s magazine and responds to other complexed women. One day, she is contacted by a feminist movement and becomes a vigilante who fights against men accused of rape. So not only does the series denounce “grossophobia” and “fat shaming” but it also spices up the whole thing with a feminist, anti-patriarchal and anti-misogynist sauce.

PYNK – The clip that highlights the female sex.

Oysters, frilly pants with a “vulva” effect or anti-Trump messages on panties, so many signs assumed in this clip by Janelle MonĂĄe who preaches the feminist movement from teenagers to the femme fatale. The clip has been seen more than 13 million times on YouTube!

@desfemmesfrançaises – On Instagram you will also find a tribe of influential women followers of this movement.

Today, we decide to take a closer look at the account @desfemmesfrançaises. Their editorial? Completely unique because each week a woman takes control of the account, gives you her daily life and inspires you

In short, only beautiful and committed projects dedicated to open minds and change the image of women to enable them to better assume responsibility for themselves. Moreover, brands are also taking the bend and changing their communication, like Dove which calls upon “Madame everybody” for its shootings and which is going to launch its “No Digital Distortion” mention because, as Kendrick Lamar says so well “I’m so fuckin’ sick and tired of the Photoshop”.

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