Native app or mobile website ?

How is it possible to determine what is the best option according to your constraints and targets ? Every project is different and we are here to support you from start to finish and help you make the right choices.

1. Approach.

Since it was born, Creatives has created and launched more than a hundred websites and web platforms as well as many mobile apps for its clients.

Today the ‘Tech’ team presents all the skills that are required to carry out an innovative and sustainable mobile or responsive web project : digital consultants, UX / UI designers,
information architects, back-end, front-end and mobile developers, systems engineers, digital project managers, etc.

We are here to support you from the early stages of
the project and offer you ergonomic and technological solutions that will allow you to achieve your goals, every steps of the way.

2. Methodology.

In nearly 20 years, to ensure the success of its digital projects, Creatives has developed a solid and pragmatic methodology that can be adjusted to the size and organizational structure of its clients. Once the web or mobile project is launched, Creatives also operates the platform throughout its lifecycle.

3. Technology.

Today, we mainly use WordPress, Drupal and Gatsby CMS which we often complete with specific developments in PHP / MySQL / HTML / CSS / C # / Java /… We develop mobile projects using native language for iOS and Android or multiplatform frameworks (React Native, Unity and Xamarin). And of course, we set up and configure for you all the analytical tools (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel…) that will allow you to understand and optimize your user experience.

Choose the right technology to maximize the total cost of the project.

Develop an optimized UX to ensure adoption of your web or mobile platform.

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