What about traditional advertising?

Are traditional media outdated? The answer is... No! A few years ago, the digital world supplemented traditional media but today (and especially tomorrow) the opposite is needed.

1. Increase awareness.

We mainly use TV, radio and billboards in order to raise awareness, when the target population is very wide. For our client easyJet, for example, we use TV as well as billboards and radio to boost destinations and for promotional activities.

2. Get closer to the customer.

In parallel, when the goal is to get closer to the brand’s customers, we deploy many ‘street’ actions while creating video content that we push on social networks. We have also been organizing events since the agency creation, meaning we gained a lot of experience with various brands. We are therefore able to integrate events into your campaigns in a subtle way. In the case of easyJet, we have created and organized, from start to finish, unique events that were completely integrated into the brand’s campaigns.

Combined with our digital skills, our expertise in the traditional media field allows us to create and manage large integrated campaigns.

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