Want to grow your business ?

What do you need to do, when, how, for which targets, for which purpose and with which budget ? To answer all these questions, we use a 3-phase strategic approach.

1. Competition, insights and goals.

To better understand the environment in which you operate, we start by analyzing your own communication ecosystem as well as your competitors’. Then, we focus on studying your
targets: we determine in which phase of their life they are and how they will be dealing with your brand (reputation, awareness, preference, loyalty) and identify their insights. Based on these elements, we are finally able to set what are the objectives to reach for each target group.

2. Communication ecosystem.

Thanks to the results obtained through the prior analyses we can build the ideal communication ecosystem and
develop a strategy that will help you achieve your goals. As a 360 ° communication agency, we can offer both online (web, mobile, social networks, google search, AdWords, GDN, newsletters, CRM, etc.) and offline (TV, radio, print, display, etc.) creative solutions. Once this ideal ecosystem is created, we compare it to your budget, in order to prioritize actions.

3. Roadmap.

In the end, we are able to build an integrated communication plan showing the priority communication channels, content strategy, media purchase, publications frequency as well as the KPIs that need to be monitored.

A multi-phase methodology to develop your communication strategy.

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