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Our expertise in the field of social media allows us to help our clients regarding several social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

1. Strategy.

Together with our clients, we create a tailor-made ‘social media’ strategy that enables them to reach their target in an effective way. In order to achieve this, we conduct a competitive analysis, determine the priority targets and their insights and define the communication channels to be used according to the goals (awareness, sales …). Finally, we calculate the budget that is needed to develop the strategy.

2. Ecosystem and content strategy.

We create the ideal ecosystem to reach our targets. At this stage, we define the editorial strategy’s major steps for each channel, content line, tone of voice as well as the global consistency with respect to your brand guidelines.

3. Roadmap and media buying.

We develop an integrated communication plan as well as a media strategy and proceed to the media purchases for the different types of social networks.

4. Influencers

Experienced ambassadors are also part of our strategies in order to target specific communities, publish branded content and create more personal content.

5. Community management

To manage online interactions and increase fan engagement, we count on our multilingual community managers. Trained in parallel by the client, they know when to ask the brand to answer delicate or technical points and are aware of the escalation process in case of ‘crisis’.

6. Reporting and adaptations

Our social media team measures the success of each project by providing detailed monthly reports to our clients (reach, commitment, content performance, etc.). These reports also include data analysis as well as some recommendations to potentially adapt the strategy and increase performance.

Our social media experts will help you with your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest account.

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