What content for which platforms?

As an extremely agile and creative agency, we are able to produce a wide range of content for different platforms.

1. Videos.

TV spots, web series, YouTube pre-roll and promotional video clips on social networks are some examples of video content we create on a daily basis. From storyboarding to editing and shooting, the agency masters all stages of video production.

2. Banners.

On the digital side, we imagine and develop various banners (GDN, DoubleClick, Teads, etc.). In collaboration with our partner working in the field of marketing performance, we also take care of banners distribution through paid campaigns.

3. Images.

Whether for campaign key visuals, point of sale material or social media posts, our creative team designs impactful images. We even shoot the visuals if necessary or take them from stock images.

4. Texts.

Brand taglines, catchphrases, AdWords campaigns, copies for social media posts or website content are examples of text content that we deliver. Our creative team works in collaboration with our copywriters to find the right words that will bring your brand to the forefront.

We create storytelling for our customers, integrating their products in a subtle and suitable way into the content we generate.

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