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Stop wasting time, money and opportunities by polluting

Where everything is common, creativity has become the ultimate way to stand out.

Today advertising doesn’t do the job any more. Whereas traditional advertising tended to package a lie as temptingly as possible, we aim to tell the truth surrounding your brand in the most sharp-edged manner. In other words, we bring to life your reason for being in a convincing and creative way.

We’ve entered in the era of authenticity. It’s no more about renewing your key visuals but your business and service model. And rather than advertise, it is something you should authentically communicate about.

Together we build campaigns that make sense to turn your audience attention in yours. Not that easy. But our reason for being is guiding you in this intense journey.


We are Creatives, at 360 degrees



Brand awareness or conversion ? Market and competitor analysis, demographic targeting, channel optimization, or strategy development for editorial, media or digital needs: our experts have got you covered +



From “big idea” development to roll out and follow-up, our creative team has got what you need to kickstart your campaigns and keep them going strong +



Thanks to our own inclusive method we co-build a strong brand with you +



Content is King! Whether you use text, images or video, our creative team serves the crown (and the consumer) by guiding clients through the storytelling process +



Strategy, editorial planning, content creation and publication, media planning, moderation or analysis: it’s all part of making sure you get the most out of your social presence +



Traditional media is still a key part of any effective communication strategy. We’re experts in traditional production, press releases, TV/radio script creation, print and outdoor advertising +



Do you Google? Let us optimize the backend so you take full advantage of your CRM, SEO, SEA, display (GDN), lead generation, email marketing and results analysis +



If content is King then these platforms are Queens! Thanks to our partners, web and app development are a central part of our strategy +



Our creative team will take your brand’s messaging to the next level with powerful visuals and polished client services +


From tactical media to complex phygital ecosystems, we create tailormade arenas that amplify brands speech.


We are more creatives than ever

The world is changing, so is our way of working. In years, we picked the best talents around us to build iconic campaigns. They used to be a partner in our network, now they are part of our team. As we trust them, we do no more focus in managing our team so we have room for empowerment in the most important part of the game: ideas.

Mathieu Fouvy

Managing Partner & Marketing Expert

With more than 25 years in marketing & communication, Mathieu brings his strategic vision to the client, and sometimes the aperitif as well. Next to Creatives, he teaches at HEC Lausanne in social media strategy.

Sonia Duperret

Account Manager

After starting out as a developer and working several years as an account manager in lovely local agencies, Sonia puts all her know-how at the service of our clients.

Fanny Poncet

FanyFabryk / Art Director and Brand Designer

Strong with 15 years of graphic design Fanny is able to bring creativity and innovation in any of her projects. With just the right touch of perfectionism her work is elegant and efficient. Her work with us for the canton de Vaud will soon be available.

Alvaro Cosi

Concept provider & Innovation strategist

With a proven experience in major creative agencies and in innovation, this creative mind empowers as well advertising concepts as startups.

Marine Hamou

Senior Brand Strategist

You never know where she is but you can always count on her. Marine is a great strategist and a business oriented person.

Olivier Meylan

Miss Camping / Event Specialist

Any spectacular event idea we might have realized was in collaboration with Olivier and his team. Together they are capable of designing and realizing out of the box projects with a high quality level. Some projects together were the Bikini Roadshow for easyJet or Iqos Airstreams for Philip Morris.

Sarah Vez


Photographer specialized in portrait with a background as graphic designer in packaging. A perfect combination when it comes to create great images for a campaign no matter the subject. Some works together are culinary shots for Nestlé Professionals, key visuals for Nestlé Infant Nutrition and all the visuals for Clinique de Morges.

Géraldine Dardel

Partner & Operations Queen

Geraldine is not only the feminine touch of the partners: thanks to her strong background in events and AV production, she masters your 360 campaigns, in 3 languages!

Jonathan Viey

AV Magician

Photographer and Filmmaker with a strong background as Art Director. Jon creates content where aesthetic and creativity are just one. Together we count many great work such as Bombardier, easyJet, MagicPass and Conforama

Yann Pablo Corminboeuf

Whybe / Senior Graphic Designer

One of these designers you want to have in your team. From creating websites to corporate identity but also digital campaigns, Yann Pablo is a multi skilled designer. Our latests job together is the actual 100th Anniversary of Geneva Airport.

Priscilla Rossi

Brand Strategist

Her background as strategist linked to her strong blogging experience give Priscilla the tools to tailor a memorable campaign as well as captivate the digital audience. We’re working together on amazing projects that you will soon discover.

Blaise Reymondin

Sales performance

Google Ads have no secrets for them. With 15 years of experience in digital marketing they are our go to person when we need good advice.

Michael Schär


Our swiss german voice when we get the chance to cross the Röstigraben. Michael has been part of the team for many years now, writing for example our easyJet campaigns.

Robin Chessex

Groux Prod / Réalisateur & Scénariste

Lucky for us there are many projects where we have to be funny or a bit crazy (and we love crazy). And lucky for us there is Robin who’s imagination and spirit have been great for us those past years. Together we produced for example the web series for Conforama, the 2019 campaign for MagicPass.

Gilles Dumont

Partner & Brand Activist

As the Belgian Swiss knife in the agency, Gilles runs integrated campaigns as well as creative strategies, fresh customer-centric approaches and insightful concepts.

Beatriz Tirado

Whybe / Art Director

Beatriz has a strong art and design background with skills that vary from branding to motion design. Her understanding of the full picture of a project makes her an invaluable asset of our team. She has been working on Geneva Airport and other soon to be revealed projects.

Nick Siegenthaler

Greywolf Prod (Commercial and Film Director)

Nick’s skills are almost unlimited. He produces documentaries as well as commercials but also he’s own science-fiction short movies all in a very pure style. Some of our work together are: Clinique de Morges, Nestlé Infant Nutrition and IOC.

Fabien Speck

Digital Performance

Fabien and his associate are magician when it comes to optimize digital campaigns. In this constantly changing digital world we are happy to have them on board.

Greg Talbot

Concept Provider

After being part of the Creative’s team he decided to move to London but he’s never really far as we often work together. We love his capacity of generating thoughtful concepts no matter how big the problematic is. He’s ideas where the motor to projects such as VAUD+ and Clinique de Morges.

Joël Beney

Aenigma Design / Graphic Designer

Behind those big tattoos hides a designer with a very fine touch. His understanding of the local market gives him abilities to work on all types of projects. Joël has been part of the team for a couple of years and worked on Caritas Identity and Nestlé.

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